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Płock, European city in the centre of Poland, located at its historical, main communication route – the Vistula river, the biggest in the country. Beautifully placed at its bank, always played the main role in the history of the state. Its priceless monuments, such as Masovian Princes’ Castle or the cathedral, are the symbols of its magnificence in the Medieval times, when it was, for more than half a century, the capital of Poland, ruled by Władysław Herman the First and his son Boleslaw Krzywousty the Third. The above mentioned cathedral remembers also the coronations as well as the funerals of the both Polish kings, but not only, as it’s the place of wonderful orchestral and choir concerts played by Płock Symphonic Orchestra and the boys’ and girls’ choirs. Płock is the old city in the reason of its history, but young by its spirit and the inhabitants. The new Masovian Museum has old, Art Nouveau collections collected in a modernly renovated old, obviously Art Nouveau, tenement. Płock is not only the monuments, but also ancient achievements, such as the oldest in Poland Płock Scientific Society with its Zielińscy Brothers Library and its voluminous collections of antique books from Copernicus’ times. Płock is also a very brave city, honoured in 1921 with Cross of Valour by Marshal Józef Piłsudski. Ravishing panorama of the city is indissolubly connected with one of the most well-known Polish poets – Władysław Broniewski, the monument of whom is dominating in the centre of the city. His family house garden is the place of Płock inhabitants strolls as well as the courtyard of the oldest secondary school in Europe - Stanisław Małachowski Secondary School with its eminent graduates and countless archaeological collections.

Płock is the lively city, collecting crowds in its heart, which is the Old Town Market with its fountain, tea gardens and the most important building – the Town Hall. The bugle call cannot also be overestimated, which is far more nicer than the most well known in Poland – the Cracow one.

The historical power of the city is not the only of its pride as the industry is well developed here: refinery one with the Orlen refinery and petrochemical plants, shipbuilding one represented by the famous in Europe Płock River Shipyard, clothing which is now only represented by American Levi’s but there were also big plants producing overseas in the past, such as Cotex. Engineering industry is also present here by CNH New Holland, power industry by Energa company serving for two voivodeships or Płock Industry-Technological Part being the place where the scientific dreams of the youth come true. The youth studying at Płock Branch of Warsaw University of Technology, the best in Poland seminary, or one of the leading private humane universities – Paweł Włodkowic University as well as State High Professional School.

Płock is not only a history, it is, most of all, modernity and cooperation with partner cities all over the world. Płock is also proud of its, one of the biggest in the country, zoo with wonderful examples of fauna and flora. Płock is also a sports city with its handball and football teams, gathering at Kazimierz Górski football stadium thousands of people. There are also the other examples of sports disciplines, such as swimming, rowing with Olympic achievements, cycling with Polish champions in different age categories and Tour de Pologne race stage. Athletics, the queen of sports, is also present in the city as well as tennis, also on wheelchairs, beach volleyball and sailing with the advanced plans of building a new marina.

Płock is a lively, modern, dynamically developing city with shopping centres, festivals and medieval tournaments, all kinds of concerts, outdoor events or electronic music reviews Audioriver as well as vocalists from all over the world and all sorts of music.

Płock is a combination of history and tradition with modernity and youth. It’s an old city, but modern.

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