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One of the standard services in Tumski Hotel is renting cars in very reasonable prices. We offer also passenger transport service, e.g. from or to the airport.
Nordic Walking – as the Hotel is located on a high river bank overlooking not only Vistula River but also a beautiful Sobótka Lake it is the ideal place for walks, especially that it is monitored and illuminated and there are several kilometres of alleys and paths in the area of scenic beauty. We provide specialist poles for free and help you with choosing a route suitable for the degree of the walking level.
Canoeing – only a few kilometres away you can find Brudzen Landscape Park including three nature reserves: Sikorz, Brwilno and Brudzen Ravines. It is beautifully cut with picturesque gorges and high bluffs and is a perfect place for canoeing or horse riding as it covers the mouth of Right Skrwa River.
The above mentioned additional services are only examples of our concern for the guests.

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